Who Is Hohokam?

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Welcome to my simple website. A place to post projects I'm working on, links that I find interesting, and anything else that interests me.
Feel free to poke around :)
*NOTE: All the formating is weird because when I originally made most of these pages I was too busy messing around to pay attention to how badly I set up the formating. I am in the process of fixing it.

+++===--- Projects ---===+++
Retro Tech Projects - 8-bit computers, hacked consoles, etc.
Home Lab Project - VM host, PFsense router, etc.
Raspberry Pi Atari 600
Personal Computer
Rolls VP29 Upgrade

===--- Upcoming Projects ---===
New Linux laptop
1920's  Philco Jr. Bluetooth Speaker - on hold, can't source the Bluetooth board.
Tor Address: ydtynb4y34sfp52uc6otbo7cgwf56o5vmksdep7gyx7x5qlmy5ifptad.onion

~~~~ Art ~~~~
My collection from local artists - Stickers, prints, paintings, etc.
Links to Portland Street Artists
 Street Art in Portland - Slap tags (stickers), posters, etc. All from Portland.

 (all layout and spelling errors are done on purpose and not accidents)