Personal Battle Station

My current personal "battle station" (to quote the kids these days). This current build is for my normal productivity work and gaming.
I was able to get a Geforce 3070 from Bestbuy. It was a impulse buy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was blind luck getting it. Ray tracing is interesting. The 3070 can run games with ray tracing at 1080p, but at any higher resolution, frames start to get dropped. DLSS is pretty good. Cyberpunk 2077 runs with all the ray tracing effects turned on at 1440p. However games running natively at 1440p with ray tracing turned off look much clearer. I'm not sure if this is the lighting effects, or the effect of the "AI up scaling".

^decorated with street art Stickers^

I have been building my own PCs for 3+ decades now. A selection of machines:

- Pentium II 400 MHZ, 32 MB of RAM, S3 Savage 4, Sound Blaster Live! This was then updated to a GeForce 2 MX and a PIII 450mhz.
- AMD K6-233, Diamond Monster 3d, some random S3 2d graphics card, sound blaster 16. up to 16 MB of ram.
- AMD 5x86 133 (their branded 486 DX4), 2x CD-Rom, Sound Blaster 16, 4-16 MB of ram.
- Various Athlon t-bird/Athlon xp systems.
- Too many systems for friends.