Tweat-like Thoughts
Like a small blog. Short rants of around 240 characters....
I kind of want to delete my twitter. I mostly follow people in the computer security field, but I still find myself spending too much time browsing the site.

Why did Sony make the PS5 so large? It's as tall as one of my bookshelf speakers. It towers over all the other consoles.

The Oregonian headline "how partisan is your new congressional district?". I live in SE Portland. So I'm going to guess "very".

well if it's good enough for the CIA and FBI.... The FBI and CIA use ad-blockers

a music video from the late 90s/early 200s internet!

I have whatsapp to talk to international friends. I try to get them to move to signal, but they would need all their friends to switch. Platform lock in. I thought this was why we all got rid of AOL and Compuserve.

I keep trying Rogue-likes and hard core games like Tarkov. They still make me angry. I think I like the idea of the game more than the loop. We ditched fail states in games back in the 90s, it was a good idea.

Q: do you have any regrets?
A: Yes, should I start in my teens, or my 20s? Actually lets go college, then high school, then 23-30.