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Welcome to my corner of the net.
This is my place to post projects I'm working on, links that I find interesting, and anything else that interests me.
You won't find any interesting web design here. Just old fashion web 1.0 style.

(all layout, grammar, poor writing, and spelling errors are done on purpose and not accidents)

+++===--- Projects ---===+++
3d Printer Projects
Retro Tech Projects - 8-bit computers, hacked consoles, etc.
Home Lab Project - VM host, PFsense router, etc.
Raspberry Pi Atari 600
Personal Computer
Rolls VP29 Upgrade

===--- Upcoming Projects ---===
A Linux-powered laptop - installed Asahi on my M1 Mac
1920's Philco Jr. Bluetooth Speaker - on hold, can't source the Bluetooth board.

~~~~ Art Collection ~~~~
My collection from local artists - Stickers, prints, paintings, etc.
Links to Portland Street Artists
 Street Art in Portland - Slap tags (stickers), posters, etc. All from Portland.

Daniel's Network

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