3d printed mini-rack

Netgear Cable modem that overheats if it doesn’t have a fan attached to it(!)

My network recently underwent an update to 2.5 Gbps network speeds.

Mikrotik CRS310-8G+2S+IN: 2.5 gig switch/router. Comes with 2 SFP+ ports. Very configurable. I was looking for a managed switch to use.

OPNsense system: Celeron j4005 cpu, 4 gb ram, dual port Intel I225-v card and a 60 watt Pico PSU to the system.
   - Support an actual open source firewall distro. The pFsense organization has issues.

VM Box running Windows Server 2019: 3700x Ryzen  (with a fun looking cooler!), 32 GB of ram, and 2 ssds. A 2.5 Gbps Realtech PCI-e card was added, as I could not get a intel 225 card to work with windows server. I work in a Windows shop, so most of my projects focus on Microsoft environments. I'm starting to like Hyper-V.

UnRaid NAS: asrock J5040 system with a pci-e sata card add in. 3d printed SSD bracket. USB 2.5 gig nic.

Gigabit Land:

Trendnet Gigabit Switch - no frills, low power. This is the switch for the Gigabit Land part of the network

Orange Pi 3 LTS running PiHole
Raspberry Pi 4 2GB running a Tor Relay
connection to switch in living room

Living Room Switch
 -    POE NetGear wifi6 AP
 -    Apple TV
 -    PS5

You should build your own computer. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

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