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Netgear Cable modem that overheats if it doesn’t have a fan attached to it(!)

Netgear ProSafe GS110TP - a good, reliable managed switch that supports VLANs.

PFsense system: Celeron j4005 cpu, 4 gb ram, HP 4 port network card. Added a 60 watt Pico PSU to the system. It runs entirely fanless now. With no large ATX power supply, or large heatsink/fan combo running on the motherboard, it's time to find a smaller case for this machine.

VM Box running Windows Server 2019: Ryzen 1700 (with a fun looking cooler!), 16 GB of ram, and 2 ssds.  I work in a Windows shop, so most of my projects focus on Microsoft environments. I'm starting to like Hyper-V.

Defang Camera: Dafang camera to monitor the office space.

UnRaid NAS: a i5-3470t mini-itx system running UnRaid. Running docker as well.

Want to build your own computer? Here are some rules to keep in mind.

Planned Updates: