Atari 400

This Atari 400 system was found in a basement closet here in Portland. Still a work in progress.

First step: Check to make sure the computer works. I took the board out of the case to check the capacitors. No one wants the caps to blow when you turn it on

Everything checks outs. Capacitors are good. The aluminum shield was removed and the cpu and other chips looked good too. I put the case back on, placed a cartidge in and hooked the Atari up to my TV.

The cassette deck does not work. One of the belts turned into goo. The deck can rewind, but does not play. Not a huge deal, since the tape that I have, is dead (Zaxxon, rescued from a Goodwill).


My to-do list
  • replace belt in cassette deck
  • clean the Deck's case
  • Clean the Atari 400 case
  • Clean the Atari 400's keyboard
    • find a keyboard replacement kit.
  • install a 48k ram extender.

Looks like I am officially collecting 8-bit Atari computers now. Too bad the 600 was dead when I got it.

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