3D Printing (Or The Diamond Age machine)

Holy crap I love having a 3D printer. I got a Prusa Mini printer. It's a fun reliable machine. The advantage to getting a Prusa device is that you don't need to do a lot of work getting the device set up and dialed in. There is some fiddling you need to do to the Z axis, but apart from that the machine is good to go out of the box. If you want to do large prints, I recommend getting a .06mm nozzle to get large prints done faster. The detail level will go down, but you'll be able to test the piece out before doing a more detailed print with a smaller nozzle.

Retro PC: Finished the project.

List of Resources for 3d Printing and for Octoprint on the Orange Pi 3 LTS

Current PC 3d Prints and links to them.

Steamclip and battery pack holder. Adds some serious weight to the Steam Deck, but really enhances the portability when traveling. A very slick project.

Mini network rack for my home lab. The nut handles are a special print too.
Pictured are my cable modem, SBC mini server, Trendnet gigabit switch, and the home built OPNSense firewall.

The GPU stand and a PCI Fan holder. Moves the hot air that swirls around near the GPU. Helped my temps and over clocking.

7in Record Holder.

USB Cable mount

Parts drawer. Used for the nuts and bolts for 3d print projects.

Modified fan grill for 5v 40mm Nocuta fan. I wanted to hide Noctua's well known brown color scheme.