Resources for 3d Printing

Octoprint on the Orange Pi 3 LTS

If you have a Raspberry Pi Zero2, 3, 3+ or 4, you can install the OctoPi image and not have to mess with any of the links above. Get it here. To be frank, if I had a spare Raspberry Pi around, I would go this route. I still might if I can get a Pi Zero 2.


At the time this page was made, Raspberry Pi's are a pain in the ass to find. I opted to go with the Orange Pi 3 LTS. (get one here). You can use their Debian based Linux distro, or use Armbian.
The advantages of the Orange Pi 3 LTS are:

The case I printed looks pretty sharp too.

Setting up Octoprint on the Orange Pi 3 LTS board can be a bit of a pain. Here are the resources I used to set up Octoprint

There are other SBCs available that can run Octoprint, but the Orange Pi seemed to have the second largest install base after the Raspberry Pi.