Subor SB-486D

The Subor 486D is a really interesting system. During the 80s and 90s, China’s economy was growing and people starting having more disposable income. How ever video games were techincally illegal. Subor had a great idea, make a Famicon clone system, and release it with educational software. The result is the SB-486D. There are many versions of this system, mine happens to be the SB-486D. In order to get past government regulations, they shipped the system with a copy of BASIC, typing lesson software,  sing-a-longs, and english language applications. Jackie Chan was hired to endorse the computer too!

Mr. Chan on the manual

Guide to create Mario sprites

Taking apart the system revels an interesting layout, it’s mostly just keyboard, with an NES on a Chip under a blob on the central keyboard. I thought I would find a complete 6502 computer, though I suppose that would have been harder to make a clone with than the NES on a chip that the chinese electronics industry had been churning out at them time.

It’s all keyboard!

The Blob!

I got to play the game cart that came with it when I was in China this summer (27 versions of Super Contra!). I need to get a 220v converter to use it here in the US, so thats on the list of items i need to get, since I got a few carts from Ali Express That supposedly contain every NES/Famicon game ever made! (And I’m sure it’s legal). There is no corrosion on the boards, but i think I will replace the caps soon.

I will leave you with the ad Jackie made for this machine.