A collection of links to pages I like/find useful. I also use this as my "bookmarks" for personal use :)

Good Reads
- Tedium
- 30pin
- The Digital Antiquarian
- A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry
- Eat The Corn: (how could a throw back page not have a link to a X-files fan site?)
- How many Bitcoins did Brandon use to buy tires? (got em good Jeremy)
- Remember the Internet?
- Secrets of the Dark
- Internet Explorer is EVIL!
- The Cyber Vanguard: Collection of old static webpage information and gifs
- The Incredible Boxes of Hock Wah Yeo: a great article covering PC game boxes from the 90s. If you visited a Software ETC or Egghead, then you saw Mr. Yeo's work.

Rights I beleive in.
Planned Parenthood Abortion Services
Resources for those seeking a Abortion Reddit Wiki for Abortion Services
Euki app for health services *note* it looks useful but I am unsure of the security of smart phone apps.

Neocities Sites

Visit Melonking.Net!

Online Zines
- Paged Out
- Phrack.org
- Coolguy.website
- Yesterweb Zine

- Zymoglyphic Museum : dedicated to a strange world never before seen by man.
- The Shadowlands: a collection of paranormal stories. Site has been up since 1994.
- Fusion Anomaly: I don't know if this is a encyclopedia the writer put together, or a guide to a slightly different reality. Super weird, very fun.
- Exit Mundi: Your guide to how the world ends.

Project Links
- Your Smart TV is Probably Ignoring your PiHole
- Econo NAS 2020: guide to building your own low cost NAS
- PiHole - run your own private DNS
- Install and Configure pFsense
- DB Tech a great Youtube channel for various homelab projects.

Blog Rolls
- The Big List of Personal Websites
- John Ankarstrom
- Ajroach42: Passion for archiving media
- 88x31 Gif Collection : fun collection of old 88x31 gif buttons

Small Internet
The "small internet" movement focuses on small sized sites that don't rely on java-script and tracking.
- 10 Commandments of the Small Internet
- Lagrange: a browser for Geminispace and Gopher
- The Website Obesity Crisis
- Solar powered Low<-Tech Magazine
- SDF.org
- From My to Me: What we lost with Facebook and Google.

Firefox Addons
Privacy focused Addons for Firefox.
- Paywall Bypass
- Ublock Origin
- Minimal Twitter
- DecentralEyes
- Privacy Respecting Software

These sites are run by people with a unique take. Sometimes they go off the rails. Sometimes they create something truly wonderful.
- Castle Cyberskull: Imagine Geocities gained sentience.
- yyyyyyy.info: This might be the greatest web site in the internet.
- Nintes.website: a very weird throwback collection.

More Onions Pro Favor : Project to get more sites available on Tor

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