Fixing up my Goodwill Atari 800

This is going to be a work log on the Atari 800 I found at Goodwill. Right now the system works, and I have a joy stick, power supply and paddle controller.
Items to pick up: Serial Cable, Serial port to USB cable, floppy emulator, and a VGA cable.

$20 a Goodwill. This system came with all the memory slots populated with the full 48k memory.

Took a good look at the main board, memory and CPU cards. Before powering it on, I had to make sure there were to capacitor leaks or any damage to the circuit boards. Cleaned out the inside of the machine, found a few dust bunnies. The memory cards are the bare board versions. Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed that they weren't the cartridge versions. I will need to replace the plastic spacer on the top. (it feels pretty brittle) I think it was stored in a box in someones closet. There's no water damage, but the plastic is pretty yellowed. When it was in use, it looks like it lived next to a window. It didn't come with a power supply. The keyboard didn't work to well though. I had to clean out the membrane under the keys. After that the keyboard works fine now. The system booted right to the notepad application. I was able to find some games at a local store :)

Asteroids, Pac-Man and Frogger.

<-- Pac-Man running. I need to try the 4 player mode sometime. The RF out looks really weird on a HD tv