Resources for 3d Printing

Places to find STL files

Thingiverse: Makerbot's 3d print site. I think it used to be the largest site for 3d printing models. I hear complaints about it, but I find the site pretty handy.
Printables: Prusa 3d's print site. well laid out. not as large as Thingiverse, but has a lot of challeneges and a very active community.
Thangs: hosts it's own files and searches other site's files too.

I recently setup Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Octoprint runs much, much better on the Pi 4. While I appreciate the experience with installing Octoprint on the Orange Pi, the Octopi image is much easier to setup, maintain, and delpoy. Plugins work smoothly, and many of the Octoprint's feature set run better. Sadly these boards are still hard to find (in November 2022). Download the Octopi image here.

Octoprint on the Orange Pi 3 LTS

There is now a Octoprint Image from the good folks who make Obico. Download it here. It uses Armbian, and the fiddly configuration settings I had to configure below are done for you. Just follow the directions on the site and you will be good to go. :)

I used to run Octoprint on my Orange Pi 3 LTS board. It was a bit a process to get everything to work properly. I'm leaving these links here incase anyone else needs a guide for getting Octoptint set up.

At the time this page was made, Raspberry Pi's are a pain in the ass to find. I opted to go with the Orange Pi 3 LTS. ( get one here). You can use their Debian based Linux distro, or use Armbian.
The advantages of the Orange Pi 3 LTS are:

The case I printed looks pretty sharp too.


Setting up Octoprint on the Orange Pi 3 LTS board can be a bit of a pain. Here are the resources I used to set up Octoprint

There are other SBCs available that can run Octoprint, but the Orange Pi seemed to have the second largest install base after the Raspberry Pi.