Finishing the Retro PC

The last year or so, my Y2K retro PC has sat in an unfinished state. I couldn't decide between getting a new modern style case and moving the parts over, or patch up the missing parts of the Gateway 2000 case.

The Gateway 200 case had a few issues left.

  1. Missing covers for the 5.25 and 3.5 inch drive bays
  2. The power button had broken off, and a new one would cost too much
  3. a way to mount a fan next to the PCI slots in order to cool a graphics card

I recently got a 3d printer for a side "hustle" I am working on with a friend of mine. He started a business and will be using a 3d printer to fabricate parts. I knew nothing about them, and as the company's contract IT person, the 3d printer is part of my responsibilities.  Using that excuse I bought a Prusa Mini+ printer. I also needed a project to work on to test parts, material, print settings, detail, etc etc.

So with that I decided to fix up the Gateway case. I am not going to restore the case. It was already beat up and scuffed, so instead I am going to patch the holes, fix any janky hardware placement, and (eventually) add a front panel USB port.

The first piece I printed was a bracket to hold a next to the PCI slot. I printed it with PLA. Following some advice I print it with 3 layers on the shell to provide some rigidity. The STB Velocity 100 I have does not come with a fan, and gets extremely hot. The fan provides more then enough air flow around the heat sink to keep it cool.

Fixing the power button was next. . The button came from a old family friends parts box. I think the button came out of a Radio Shack/and or a Heathkit project kit he had. I used a hobby knife to enlarge the hole on the case and inserted this button. I secured it using hot glue, but I need to re-apply the glue, since it has jammed up the button.

The panels are just simple blanks downloaded off Thingiverse.

Links to the STL files I used:
5.25 bay cover
3.5 inch bay cover
PCI Bracket

A few thoughts on the parts
The fan bracket is pretty sturdy. I also used it in my VM server. The 5.25 inch bay cover is somewhat flimisy. I am going to edit the part to make the front panel thicker and change the screw in part to fit a M3 insert.